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My name is Candy, My husband David Mason was diagnosed with stage 3B Testicular Cancer with intermediate risk on 11/12/2013... He is undergoing treatments of 4 cycles of BEP, Each cycle lasting 21 days, He began his second cycle on 12/23/2013. This has been a crazy roller coaster of emotions there are still some days that I am in disbelief or maybe just unable to accept the fact that we are facing the biggest fight of our lives........

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December 28, 2013

Springfield, Colorado 81073

August 27, 1972

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Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer, Stage 3B

November 12, 2013

Stage 3B

over 6.1

Grade 2


Everything... Including the word cancer.... It turns my stomach to even think about it....

It is very unforgiving and has no mercy on it's victim.......

Abdominal Aorta DN IVC

Rocky Mountain Cancer Center... Colorado Springs, Colorado

As hard as it may be, Try to stay positive

Swollen testis, back pain, swelling and pain in the left leg

Chemo Began 12/02/2013... Bleomycin-Cisplatin and Etoposide


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